ALUMNI SURVEY: 5-year or 4-year Engineering Programs?

Dear Fellow Alumni Engineers,

The UPAE, in coordination with the College of Engineering through Dean Rizalinda de Leon, request your help in answering the online feedback form on the General Education (GE) program which can be accessed through the link below:
For those who wish to understand a little more on why there is this survey, Dean de Leon explains:

“As you know, the UP College of Engineering, is preparing to transition from 5-year engineering programs to 4-year programs in the wake of the implementation of the K-12 program.  With the proposed reduction in the number of years comes a reduction in the number of units of GE (General Education) courses.  While all the other constituent universities of UP have already approved their revised GE programs last year, UP Diliman, after holding a number of GE conferences and a GE review by an ad hoc committee of the Chancellor, is yet to make a decision.

“The decision is a difficult one because there are advocates to retain the 45 units of GE for all undergraduate academic programs in Diliman while some are proposing to have a minimum 21 units and leave the total number of GE units to the different undergraduate program owners.
“The UP Diliman GE Committee recommended to get feedback from our alumni and students as additional information to aid decision-making.  We, in the UP College of Engineering, are hoping that a decision could already be made during the special university council meeting in February so we could move forward with our curriculum proposals which can take one year before approval.  CHED and all other engineering schools are already set to implement 4-year engineering programs by 2018.  

“Thank you very much for your continued support for the College.


“Dean Babylin