Bridge The Gap From College to The Industry for 20% off (UP Alumni Engineering 70th Homecoming)

Calling all UP alumni engineers! Come and join us for the UPAE 70th Anniversary Homecoming 6pm on Saturday Nov 18th, 2017 at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni in campus. Our theme for this year: Bridging the college with the industry and alumni. Your participation comes inclusive of food, San Miguel beer and good times.

Get 20% off (a PhP200 discount value) from the gate price of PhP1000 by registering now! This promo will be available until Nov 10, 2017 only.

* For those who had joined us for our recent Oct 17 Fellowship night at the Firefly Roof Deck of the City Garden Grand Hotel, we’ve already included you on the list so there is no need to register below.