UP Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Association, Inc. (UPMMMEA)

The UP Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Alumni Association, Inc. (UPMMEA) was incorporated on October 26, 1982 by fifteen (15) alumni — Pio E. Caccam, Edgardo C. Crisostomo, Mario R. Guillermo, Ernesto C. Ignacio, Agapito L. Kalingking, Alexander O. Olivar, Meliton U. Ordillas, Antonio M. Ostrea, Juan S. Pilac, Romarico J. Platon, Eduardo M. Sacris, Turiano M. San Andres, Antonio N. Tanchuling, Jose Ernesto C. Villaluna and Douglac B. Villanueva.

With the establishment of the Materials Engineering curriculum in 1997, the association was reorganizedto become the UP Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Association, Inc. Elected officers of the association were Artemio Disini – President, Federico A. Monsada – Vice President, Lady Marianne Polinga – Secretary, and Enrico C. Nera – Treasurer.

The purpose of the association is three-pronged, 1) To assist the Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in its endeavors and become its partner; 2) To develop a network among Department of Mining, Metallurgican and Materials Engineering (DMMME) alumni for professional and personal advancement in their areas of work and expertise; and, 3) To represent the alumni and the DMMME in any and all organizations where representation is warranted.

The association held its very first fund-raising project called the “Golf for GORF,” a golf tournament to provide endowed rooms at the DMMME Building, in honor of three (3) pioneer professors, Dr. Perfecto Guerrero, Prof. Enrique Ostrea and Prof. Roman Ramos. Alumnus Vicente Munoz donated PhP 500,000 for the Guerrero room. Dr. Antonio Ostrea donated the same amount for the Ostrea room. The other donations from the GOLF tournament will augment the P100,000 donated by Prof. Roman Ramos’ family for the Ramos room. Prominent alumnus and benefactor, Jose Ernesto C. Villaluna, also pledged P500,000 for another room to be named in honor of his father, Ernesto A. Villaluna. The construction and interior of the endowed rooms began in August 2014 and is expected to be completed by the second semester of school year 2014- 2015.