Vision and Mission


The University of the Philippines Alumni Engineers Association (UPAE) will be the primary organization that unifies the alumni of the UP College of Engineering (COE), providing linkage between the alumni and the COE, while promoting both to Industry and the broader community in general.  UPAE will provide a venue for mutual cooperation and camaraderie among the membership even as it promotes the interest of the Engineering profession in general.


UPAE will be a premier professional alumni association that enables the active participation and involvement of its alumni through the following:

1) leading activities that develop friendship, camaraderie and pride among the alumni of the COE;
2) encouraging and assisting alumni in networking with each other for professional advancement;
3) providing venues for sharing of technical and business initiatives that contribute to the development of the engineering profession; and
4) acting as central coordinating body for all COE-based alumni organizations.

UPAE will help promote the Engineering profession by:

1) providing support to the initiatives and needs of the COE;
2) organizing activities that link the COE to the business and professional communities;
3) providing avenues for sharing of engineering studies and developments with  alumni, business and technical communities, as well as the general public; and
4) working with the COE towards helping address the needs of the country and the public it serves.